There are so many metal fabrication companies and signage companies in UAE which sell microwave oven for cheap. It is a must-buy electronic item. You can cook numerous dishes and food in it. Some of them are:

  1. Nutella cake: It is not a cake, basically. It is a cake like thing. What you have to do is to beat two eggs and a cup of Nutella together in a cup. Bake it in microwave for two to three minutes. It will get puffy in the end. The puffy cake like thing is ready eat. You can have it in breakfast or supper with milk or oreo shake to make it mouth-watering that crave you to have it.
  2. Cheese sandwich: You can make your cheesy sandwiches in microwave too. What you have to do is to place a slice of cheese, sprinkle some pepper and salt, place your favourite veggie and cubes of chicken and meat. Add another slice of cheese. Place bread over it and place the sandwich in microwave. The machine will melt the cheese and stick all of them within a minute or two. You can then have it with fruit juice or any juice which you can buy from store. 
  3. Mac n cheese pasta: It is super easy dish to make. If you want to cook it for yourself for lunch. Then add water in mug with pasta and boil it in oven. Oven will boil it within a minute. After boiling, add lots of cheese of different kinds in it with milk. Place the mug in machine. Your microwave will mix all ingredients in two to three minutes. Sprinkle green leaves on it and have it with cold-drink or juice. 
  4. Mug-Cake: To make soft and yummy cake in mug, you need to add flour, sugar, baking powder, cocoa powder (if you want to make chocolate cake) and vanilla extract in cup with oil. Mix all of them. Add milk as much as it is needed to make the batter less thick. Place it in oven. It will mix all of them to turn it into puffy cake which you can enjoy with milk or shake or alone. You can top it with nutella or chocolate sauce to make other to crave for it.
  5. Half fry in bread: If you want something different in breakfast, then place bread in plate. Take another bread and make a big in its centre. Place that bread over the bread, you placed in plate. Put egg in that whole. Place the plate in oven. Oven will join the breads with the help of egg white. Your half fry with bread is ready to eat.