Shifting to a new apartment could be a tough decision whether it’s choosing an apartment for rent in Al Jaddaf, Dubai or anywhere in the city, it’s not easy to make it look like a home in the early stages.

It takes a lot of time and patience to make yourself comfortable in a rented apartment because they are quite different from your homes and don’t have the same people living inside these houses.

Therefore, it takes time to turn an apartment or house into a home. However, many expats still choose to find apartments for rent in Dubai so they could save money and earn for their families living in the home country.

That’s why we have come up with 5 ways to make your new apartment feel like home to help you feel close to your home back in your country. Let’s see here.

  1. Give a Fresh Start

Start fresh by cleaning it and giving it a new look. Start with deep cleaning such as removing all the old rags, curtains, and furniture and replacing it with the new ones. Paint the house new and bright, add some plants to make it livelier, and decorate it with all the good stuff that you always dreamed about once.

  1. Cook Meals

Fill all the empty shelves with all the spices and necessary kitchen items. Cook meals that remind you of your home. Start slow and look for recipes, you can even ask about them from your family so you could get a similar taste of their cooking.

  1. Place all the Sentimental Items

It’s time that you place all your sentimental items and display your emotions vividly such as placing a photo frame with your family photos on the wall or placing a clock gifted by your mom or even decorating your home with all the stuff and the gifts you have received for all these years from your loved ones so you could feel them around with you.

  1. Invite People

It’s better to throw a house-welcoming party for all the neighbors and the people so they can get to know you and take care of you in times when you need them. If you find good neighbors, you will have good friends that can listen to you for hours and can make you feel more comfortable just like home.

  1. Get Settled

It’s time to settle in your new home. Make it extra cozy and comfortable and put on some privacy. A new life is always a good life if we try to live it well and make the most out of it. So, settle in and think more positively.