It is assumed that you being a tourist keep visiting countries around the world. Visiting places is one thing – and getting the passport of one or more is another. It is a fact that many tourists upon liking a place that they had visited, end up getting the citizenship of that country. Don’t be surprised if you end up getting the second passport of a country that you had recently visited. Well, how about acquiring Cyprus citizenship by investment? It is a great option after all as the country has a lot of history and controversy surrounding it. This island, though not as big as some of you might have assumed, has plenty of happenings around it. The most recent being the occupation by Turkey that still claims the island as its territory. On the other hand, Cyprus also sees a claim by Greece that once held some areas of the island. You will find the influence of both countries on the island but being an independent state, Cyprus also maintains its sovereign status. It is a beautiful small island that has many places for attracting tourists. Whether you want to settle in Cyprus or some other place, you will have to consider the following to make sure to get your passport on time:

Get the paperwork

The first thing to look for is the paperwork. You are on your own here so make sure that you get it done. If you don’t have a passport yet, then have it made first. Also, note that your current documents need verification. You should get in touch with attestation services and request them to have your attested as quickly as possible.

Hire a consultant

The second phase will see you making efforts for finding and hiring a consultant for making sure that your procedure to the source of power. You need to think about many things before considering to hire a consultant so why not to make arrangements to hire one as quickly as you can? This will help you find the one early and once you have done that. Now that you have decided to take another passport, it is time to find and get in touch with some of the top immigration companies in Dubai. Choose the one that matters and make sure that it gets done with your second passport by meeting requirements. It is the right thing to do under the circumstances.