Why to Choose Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy also known as physical therapy involves methods used for healing by massages. Physicians find this therapy effective for injuries or diseases using physical techniques. To heal a severe injury, physiotherapy treatments are given to restore the normal body movements. If you are looking forward to learning deeper into the field, you need to take a four year bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy Abu Dhabi.

Physiotherapy- Uses

The muscles, joints, circulation of blood, the functioning of the heart and even lungs are the areas covered under the physiotherapy department. Use of various exercises is needed to be practiced on daily basis for the treatment to work. Therapists can even treat patients with neurological disorders and mental health problems with physiotherapy. Chronic conditions because of injuries caused by war or accident, can be treated through specialized techniques to ease the pain.

Physiotherapy- Techniques

Various techniques are used to treat short-term problems and even chronic disabilities. Massage is one such popular technique which entails the manipulation of hand movements to stimulate the blood flow. Several machines that produce electric impulses are also used for treatment followed by regular exercises. Physiotherapy also helps to cure a long term condition to reach a stable state where the use of the damaged body part is made possible.

Physiotherapy- Used For

Physiotherapy is used for curing patients with physical illnesses, be it long term or short term. It can be best applied for the treatment of patients suffering from orthopedic problems. Also, a lot of heart and lung diseases can be treated with the help of physiotherapy sessions. Cystic fibrosis, a condition which thickens the mucus inside a person’s body and eventually clogs inside organs including the lungs; physiotherapists use certain methods to remove the mucus from their system. Children may also develop certain problems such as musculoskeletal which needs therapies and treatments to increase the muscle strength.

Physiotherapy- holistic treatment

Physiotherapy doesn’t only focus on one part of the body that is injured, rather the entire body is considered as one during the treatment. It is believed that it’s not just the affected area but the root of the problem lies somewhere inside the body. The goal is to restore the body into a normal functioning condition. Adding up exercise to your routine can simply improve the mobility of the injured part.

The energy therapy is known to be the best as it uses electrical impulses to improve and facilitate the healing process. The treatment may often involve hydrotherapy performed in water. The water resistance against the body helps your muscles to relax when you push harder during the exercise.

There are a lot many hospitals that offer physiotherapy, radiotherapy, CCU and ICU in Abu Dhabi.