At a number of times, it has been seen in the hospitals in Dubai that most of the individuals are suffering from severe feelings of panic attacks and even depression. Even if a woman is being treated by a gynecologist in Dubai and she has loosed her little champ or one is getting dismissed from a particular job, a divorce, including a variety of other life stressors may lead to despondency, bereavement, illness, frustration and much more. 

These may be an individual’s normal response to a variety of difficult situations that they may be facing during their life span. But in some cases these life-threatening situations continuously interfere with a person’s daily work routine, their self-care pattern, taking care of children and much more. During such times a person may experience severe episodes of depressive and anxiety disorders. 

These two situations can co-occur and it is associated with increased chronicity, slow recovery including psychosocial disability and recurrence at an increased rate. But one can get rid of such a situation by following a set of effective treatments. 

Depression Symptoms

The depressive disorder may last for a time period of 2 weeks or it may lead a person to severe depression problems for months and even years. It may cause a feeling of insomnia, fatigue, excessive guilt, suicidal ideation, social impairment and much more. In severe conditions of depressive disorder, a person may even have feelings of death.

Panic Attacks Symptoms

Anxiety may occur when an individual is quite worrisome about certain events that may be interrupting their daily work routine. Anxiety may take place when one is restless, muscle tension, irritability and when one feels fatigued. A person may be experiencing a few episodes of anxiety but some may go through the long duration of this life-threatening disease. In severe cases, one may also experience somatic symptoms of anxiety.


In order to get relief from severe depression and anxiety attacks an effective treatment should be tailored out. There are a variety of depression and panic attack therapists who have been treating those individuals who have been facing severe depressive disorder problems. A number of people have also found relief after going through some of the best “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)” treatment. 

Interpersonal “talk” therapy is another way to provide relief to individuals suffering from severe disorders. A variety of people who are facing depression and anxiety simultaneously are treated with psychotherapy including medication management techniques.