What is a labourer? Do you know who or what is a labourer? A labourer is a person who does excessive work. The work, there, does not mean to work in computers or anywhere else. It means labour work like making building by working on ground by putting cement and bricks. It includes farmers that work in sunlight when others are enjoying in fan and air conditioner. It also includes peons and guards who broom and stand all day long to guard the area. 

These people are different from us. The difference is not in nature or literacy but in their financial position. Because of this capitalism, they are paid not so much. They received minimum wages every month in which they cannot even feed themselves or their families sufficiently. They cannot even afford to educate their kids or themselves in this income because educational institutes demand fees and payment. And they do not have so much money. 

Their financial position makes them different because they have different needs then. Their financial position makes them worse and stressful, not only physically but, emotionally as well. After all, they are unable to get what they want. Everyone want lifestyle, good food and good clothes.

However, we common beings cannot meet their needs but their companies can, at least, meet some of their basic needs. They can build rows of rooms in the corner of the hall where they will be given place to live. Provision of shelter will save them from paying rents which at times cost to lose all of their salary on it. 

Beside shelter, try to pay them more than their old pay. In this way, they could meet their some needs on their own which is important for them because it will increase their self-confidence and it is important for their personal grooming and for the success of company. A company cannot be successful until its employees are not successful.

Provide them safety harness belts and tarpaulin if they have to do risky work. In this way, their security and protection will be guaranteed. You can keep in contact with safety harness supplier in Dubai and tarpaulin suppliers in sharjah to get them in bulk in affordable prices. 

And besides, give them respect and importance. They are also part of your company and they also play an important role in the development and progress of your workplace. Their absence can make the place worse.