Yes! Finally your new business website is ready to kick in action and while it must be very tempting to press the publish button and go live with it, you need to hold your excitement for a while and focus on the following list of things which will help you see if the site is up to the mark to go live and attract audience.

  • Keep your analytics ready

If you haven’t yet thought of analytics and whether you should be installing them or not then we believe you before going live, you should definitely get your analytics in a line. They are a great way to help you analyze the traffic of your visitors and where they are coming from. It may not be easy for your developer to install analytics which is why you may want to look for alternate options. It will make the site management easier and more precise now that you know who your targeted audience is.

  • Look through different browsers

One thing which many WordPress website developers may forget about is that the devices which they are opening the site on and viewing aren’t the only ones that exist in this world. You must test different devices and browsers and see how the site is opening up and working. There could be bugs and designing curves which you may not be able to point out on your own device but they could be highly visible on other browsers. 

  • Consider the speed of your site

This is one of those things which you need to see immediately after the site goes live. It is nearly impossible to see the performance of your site on the developing stage but speed matters a lot. Speed can tell you the bounce rate and traffic generated at your website and whether the visitors like to wait or just give up on the time. So as soon as you are live, make sure that you check the speed.

  • Pick the right time to go live

Once everything is settled, aim for the right time to go live. It is obvious you are not going to find traffic the moment you go live but you could definitely find the bugs in custom PHP website and get them fixed with help of your developer.