Having education is a right of every kid out there. And if you got good education, consider yourself lucky, because there are still many countries who don’t have proper schools or they don’t get to go to school. But we hope everyone does, so the world becomes a better place ever than before. Reading this article will educate you more about schools in a fun way and it may increase your IQ as well. Pencils are the schools main need and a thing which is bought by all kids when they start a school. But a single pencil of standard size, if you started to draw a line on the road and kept is drawing, you will be able to cover 35 miles with a single pencil.

In United States, teachers are resigning with an increasing speed of 35% throughout the country. The reason is mistreating them by the children and the management, harassment cases and even there are reasons where it was mentioned that teachers are paid very less. School buses were the vehicles where we used to sit with our friend while going to school and coming back to home and in United States, each day, 480,000 buses carry more than 25 million kids to school every day. Even there are many countries who don’t have school but the world is progressing and each year 50 million kids enroll in school and it was estimated that by 2025 there will be 80 million kids going to school, now that is good news.

You thought that your school was big, wait till you read this, the biggest school ever made is in India. It has more than 40,000 students, more than 25,00 teachers, more than 3,000 computers and more than 1,000 classrooms. It is called the City Montessori school and it got the Guinness world record. Since technology has advanced and paper is made out of wood, schools and environmental experts say that schools should read and write on tablets and that is why writing with pen and pencils have dropped down to 30% worldwide. Did you know that crayons use beef fat for getting that oiliness, well now you know! If you want to get your kid good and cheap education, check out different international schools in Qatar fees or look for different kindergarten school in qatar