The upcoming Dubai Expo 2020 is surely going to be the biggest event ever celebrated in South Asia, Africa, as well as in Middle East. So, in order to boost all your preparation for the upcoming Expo, here we have got some really cool fun facts about Dubai and its preparation for the Expo. In any case, there are certain facts about the event that you should know of from now on. A few of these are:

Fact 1: Flying Cars

Yes ladies and gentlemen, you heard that right. Dubai Expo 2020 is going to bring flying cars as Uber has signed a contract with Dubai roads organisation claiming to test the upcoming new technology of flying cars.

 Fact 2: metro station

A new metro station is currently under construction which will be wholly and solely dedicated to Expo 2020. It is said to carry approx 23,000 passengers in a single go. This is only going to be revolution for Metro itself in Dubai.

Fact 3: Superstore of Future 

Now, we are not entirely sure what is this store is going to consist, but it is definitely going to be something next generation. as the name itself suggest next generation future. We can expect all sorts of advanced technology and the beginning of a new era for Dubai.

Fact 4: Expected visitor 

You will be shocked to know the number of visitors that Dubai Expo 2020 is expecting because it is similar to Australia’s combined population. Which yes, you guessed right is in millions, meaning 25 million are expected to be attending this Expo. We can only imagine how huge of a scale this is going to be.

Fact 5: Logo of expo 2020

This logo is surely something to ponder over as this is a very significant one for Dubai. a four thousand year old Archaeological site ring which holds a lot of significance for the country and region has inspired this logo.

Fact 6: Number of employment

You are going to be shook on the number of job Dubai Expo 2020 will be producing and that is, 300 thousand. Yes, three hundred thousand people will be appointed for various jobs, mostly in the sector of tourism as that is the only one which is the most significant area and field. So get your exhibition stand design Dubai and for details of it, find out here now.