Yahoo Mail Sign Up

Nowaday, you can no longer sign up for other extensions than the standard Email can be any like Gmail, Hotmail or any other. You can either create a brand new Yahoo email, or use your own email from other web-mail services as new Yahoo email account. This is a new feature of Yahoo Mail.

Yahoo Sign Up step by step 

STEP 1 : Open your browser and enter any of these URLs bellow : 

STEP 2 : Click `Sign Up` in Yahoo Login page. You’ll be then taken to the Yahoo “Sign up” page.

STEP 3 : Fill out the required fields.

  • First name, Last name : Shoud provide your real name.
  • Email address :Include letters (all lowercase), numbers and symbols. (example : [email protected])

    If you want to sign up yahoo account using your already registered other web-email address, click on “I’d rather use my own email address” below the Email Address field.
  • Password : Your password should be strong enough to ensure your account security.
    • DO NOT use your Yahoo username as your password.
    • SHOULD include uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.
    • RECOMEND using our password generator tool. 

  • Select your Country Code and enter your mobile phone number ( used to get verify code and to recovery your account if you loss connection or forget your password ).
  • Select your birthday and Gender.

STEP 4 : Agree to the Yahoo Terms and Privacy by click on the `Continue`.

STEP 5 : Get the Verify code via your phone number or email used for sign up yahoo mail.

  • Sign Up by another email address : The verification code will be sent to that email.
  • If you have entered your phone number : Click on either Text me a code or Call me with a code button.

STEP 6 : Type in the verification code you’ve received and click on the “Verify” button. Click on “Let’s get started”. Congratulations, you’ve successfully signed up for new Yahoo account.


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