FastMail ( is paid email hosting service that offers premier hosted email, calendar and contact service to individuals and organisations of all sizes. FastMail was founded by Rob Mueller and Jeremy Howard in 1999, making it one of the longest operating email services the world (18 years). Now, the service supports 18 languages and is trusted by 150,000+ customers in 150 countries worldwide. FastMail used to offer free email service aswell but it has been discontinued since October 2012 because the company decided to focus on developing FastMail as a "premium brand" with only paid accounts.

1. Create an account

FastMail is a subscription-only email service. However, you can try it out with a 30-day free trial period. No obligation or credit card is required.

  1. Go to FastMail.
  2. Click TRY IT FREE FOR 30 DAYS or select Sign up on the top right of the page.
  3. Enter your name.
  4. Choose your email address. FastMail allows users to choose from over 120 domains for their email account, as an alternative to You can also use your own personal domain if you have one.
  5. Create a password.
  6. Retype your password.
  7. Check the box saying I'm not a robot.

2. Sign in

  1. Go to FastMail.
  2. Select Log in on the upper right of the page.
  3. Enter your email address.
  4. Type in your password.
  5. Click Log In.

3. Feature

A. Professional email hosting

FastMail is built to maximise your speed and efficiency. FastMail offers a quality, fast and reliable email hosting service for individuals and businesses of all sizes. It is completed with an ad-free and beautifully designed interface, strong and customizable spam filters, and other productivity tools such as: notebooks, calendar, contact lists and file storage.

FastMail's service is subscription only, with varying service levels and prices. In exchange, users will get up to 100 GB of storage, no advertisments anywhere near them, support around the clock to ensure your emails run smoothly and many other benefits. You can find everything you need to know about FastMail's plans and pricing here.

B. Other features (spam filter, virus scanning

Spam protection

FastMail has spent a great deal of time making sure their spam filtering is world-class. Working from industry standards and utilising protective measure for small, large, internal and external spamming techniques, FastMail provides the best spam filtering available on the web.

Their advanced broad-spectrum spam filters sift out useless and potentially dangerous messages. They use techniques to detect, block and destroy spam- and virus-emitting bots. A system of smart and constantly updated greylists stop spambots without delaying legitimate email. And, they also reference a high-quality DNS-based blackhole list to flag and reject messages from known spammers. FastMail protects your inbox from backscatter, preventing unsolicited bulk emails from reaching you. They analyze message headers and make sure your incoming mails are from trusted parties. Their servers parse incoming messages to detect common forms of spam and links to known spam sites.

Your personal spam filters can even be trained and will get better at identifying and rejecting spam over time.

Virus protection

FastMail constantly finds and keeps up-to-date with the latest threats on the web, giving you the confidence to open mail without worrying about malware of fraudulent material. With advanced virus filters, spambot detection and filtering, >90% of virus threats never even have a chance to enter FastMail's system. The people of FastMail support a product with the fastest response time to new threats of any and all virus protectors.

Don't fall for the claims of anti-virus software vendors. They specialise in anti-virus software running on Windows machines, not in detecting viruses in emails.

C. Apps

The official FastMail mobile app is the best way to use FastMail on your iOS or Android device. The web-based version at is also mobile friendly. FastMail has a lot of plans for future updates and improvements of their app, such as: Offline support, Rich content sharing and more integrations for smartwatch/wearable.

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